What Our Agents Are Saying

“Change is never easy but after careful consideration, I decided to join RE/MAX Realty 100 to help grow my business. From day one, I’ve had support from all directions. RE/MAX Realty 100’s Transition Specialist helped me get off and running and was available whenever I was ready for more training. The administrative team and agents in the office are always willing to help me. This change has allowed me to run my business the way I want. Day to day decisions aren’t dictated by my broker. The most positive impact has been my ability to be more competitive in the industry. Thank you, RE/MAX Realty 100, for welcoming me.” – Julie Johnson

“We absolutely LOVE working with RE/MAX Realty 100. Everyone is always so helpful & are true professionals. They are an extension of our business model & offer their agents every tool necessary to deliver the utmost service to our clients.”
– Martin & Abby Champagne

“Our previous Broker was closing their doors. We chose RE/MAX Realty 100 because we wanted to be around other experienced agents that were actually “doing” business. When you are surrounded by success you can’t help but become better yourself – which is exactly what happened to us! RE/MAX Realty 100 provides us with the best tools to drive business directly to us. If you are looking to increase your sales, keep more of your commission, have freedom to run your business how you see fit and have all the resources and support you need, then RE/MAX Realty 100 is for you! Come join us – we LOVE it here!” – The Combs Team (Tom & Shannon)

“I have more freedom and I am making more money. I have received leads with no referral fee going to the company. Because it is only my phone number on my listings I receive all of my sign calls (sellers love this too). There is just more opportunity here because everything goes directly to me.” – Mindey Riesen

“I was able to double my business because of the help of RE/MAX Realty 100 and the resources that I have available. The free one on one business coaching has been a huge asset – this would normally cost $500 or more per month if doing it on my own. My co-worker support is unbelievable. I was recently having a conversation with a co-broke who said that he feels like the agents in his office are always in competition with one another and are not willing to share anything with him for fear of giving away their “secrets”. There are no secrets at RE/MAX Realty 100. Everyone is willing to share their presentations, tips and successful Business practices. After 15 years of being in Real Estate, I can honestly say that I have never felt more part of a family.” – Kim Devine

“You can have the business “YOU” really want…I immediately experienced a difference when moving from Coldwell Banker to RE/MAX Realty 100 – and that is the fact that agents are here to truly conduct business. I love it! Everything here is “agent focused” and not “company focused.” I am not only surrounded by agents who know how to successfully sell homes, but who also know how to run their own business. Being a licensed agent working under a Broker is one thing, but running a small business how you see fit is another. I never knew what I was missing until I joined RE/MAX Realty 100!” – Cindy Antonia