Privacy Policies


RE/MAX Realty 100 Privacy Policies

How We Protect and Use customer Information


Highlights of Our Commitment to You

  • We do not sell customer information to third parties.
  • We do not share customer information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to you.
  • It is not necessary for you to take any action or instruct us to keep your information confidential.
  • We will protect your privacy automatically.
  • Within the RE/MAX Realty 100 family of companies, we safeguard your customer information carefully.
  • We are committed to helping you protect yourself from identity theft, and limit direct marketing from outside companies. 




  1. We begin by safeguarding the security and integrity of customer and client information. We are committed to protecting the security and integrity of customer and client information through procedures and technology designed for this purpose.  For example: We limit employee access to customer information to those who have business reason to know this information.  Employees are required to honor our code of conduct, which includes standards to protect customer confidentiality.  They are subject to disciplinary action if they fail to do so.

    We use technological means (such as backup files, virus detection and eradication software, firewalls, and other computer software and hardware) to protect against unauthorized access or alterations to customer/client data.

  2. We collect and maintain customer/client information as a part of servicing your account and your customer or client relationship.

    In the course of serving you, we collect information about you from a variety of sources,   including that information about your transactions or experiences with companies affiliated with RE/MAX Realty 100. 

  3. The information we collect is used to serve your accounts and meet you real estate transaction and financial needs.

  4. Information may be used among RE/MAX Realty 100 companies, as well as with authorized third parties (described in section 4).  We do not share information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to you.  We may disclose the   information we collect, as described above, with non-affiliated third parties that are acting on our behalf, including:

    Companies that perform support services for us, technical system consultants and programmers, real estate advertisers, or companies that help us market RE/MAX Realty 100 products and services to you and, where appropriate, your property to those who might be interested in purchasing it.  We may also share certain information with companies that help us conduct services or marketing research. 

    There are other situations when we may disclose to third parties the customer/client information we collect as permitted or required by law. Third parties could include government entities, courts or other entities (in response to subpoenas and other legal processes), and those with whom you have requested us to share information.    

  5. Within the RE/MAX Realty 100 family of companies, we share information so that we     can work together to serve you.  We may disclose all of the information we collect, as described above, within RE/MAX Realty 100 and other affiliated RE/MAX Realty 100 companies, including Title 100, Inc.

The policies and practices described in this disclosure are subject to change, but we will communicate any significant changes to you when same is required by applicable law.  The policies and practices described in this disclosure replace all previous notices or statements regarding this subject.